Given that you have in fact created your jam or jelly together with your Ball ® FreshTECH Automated Jam & Jelly Producer, you can expect to would like to respect it. Manage your Jam or Jelly at once, using 1 of your 3 approaches right here.

Just take Satisfaction IN NOW
Unfold it on thick, then preserve the relaxation for about three months within your fridge.

LADLE scorching jam or jelly right into heat containers. Brilliant to space temperature, pertaining to 50 percent One hour. Place handles and likewise bands on containers. Tag.
REFRIGERATE jam or jelly for just as much as 3 months or offer right away to consider enjoyment in at the moment.
Take note: Always warm jars just before incorporating heat jam or jelly to prevent container breakage. Containers could be heated various usually means. Clean and heat from the dishwasher, just assurance they remain incredibly hot by the point you fill them. Or, you can heat them in a sluggish-shifting cooker.


Freeze jam for somewhere around one yr, proper within your Ball ® Glass Jars.

LADLE warm jam or jelly ideal into heat jars leaving 1/two inch headspace. Magnificent to Area temperature amount, about Thirty Minutes. Locale addresses and bands on containers. Label.
ICE UP jam or jelly for up to one 12 months.
Headspace may be the place between the foodstuff and the very best from the container. When freezing, food items expands. By leaving 1/two inch headspace, you will permit this development.

Glass containers with straight sides perform ideal for freezing because they empower foodstuff development that usually takes spot during the freezing procedure. We recommend Round ® Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars (8 OZ) or Ball ® Fifty percent Pint (eight OZ) Jars. Should you pick plastic around glass, we counsel Round ® (eight OZ) Fridge Freezer Jars.


With Ball ® Residence Canning Merchandise, jams could be retained for up to 1 12 months.

Get ready Your Tools (even though jam or jelly is being created as part of how to make candy apple toppers your Automatic Jam & Jelly Producer).
LOAD canner or stockpot 50 % total with h2o. Location lid on canner. Warm into a simmer. Maintain canning rack or Canning Discovery ™ Deal canning shelf with lifter sideways till All set to use.
WASH jars, lids and also bands in heat, soapy h2o. Clean well.
Preserve jars cozy till all set to use, in an effort to lessen possibility of breakage when how to make candy easter baskets brimming with heat jam or jelly. You could warm them inside your canner or stockpot of simmering water, or in a heated how to make rare candy in pixelmon dishwashing equipment. Create addresses and in addition bands apart inside your place of work.

Load Your Jars.

LADLE warm jam correct into warm containers, one at a how to make candy bar wrappers time, leaving 1/four inch headspace. Wipe any jam or jelly through how to make candy garland the rims from the containers. Heart lids on jars. Twist within the bands till fingertip restricted.
Location crammed jars from the canning rack inside the canner, guaranteeing containers are lined by 1-two inches of drinking water. Spot lid on canner. Provide water to Light, steady boil.

Approach containers in boiling water for ten minutes, changing for elevation. Flip off warmth, take away lid and Allow jars stand for five minutes.

Take away jars from drinking water and cool. Check out addresses for seal just after 12 to 24-HOUR.

Look at the Seal.

CONTINUE facility of cooled down cover. If jar is secured, the address will not flex up or down. If It is far from sealed, refrigerate promptly or re-system.
Retailer secured jars in pantry for approximately 1 yr. Jars may perhaps be saved without having bands, or else you might cleanse the bottom of bands to make specific no dampness is caught all through storage.
Get pleasure from your handmade jam or jelly or give as a gift.

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